Vegas is a tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi born on May 18th, 2013. Follow little Vegas Pegas (aka V.P., Pegasus, Vegasaurus Rex, etc.) as he hops through life events and adventures!

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Vegas the Corgi

Vegas dolled up with his birthday suit and bowtie on this fine day. •ᴥ• 

I guess since I watch him potty, it’s only fair that he gets to do the same…

Smile! It’s the weekend!

halp the bed is eating me alive SAVE ME 

Mister Fancy Feet playing keep-away, hmph.

It’s raining! It’s raining! I want to go out and sit in a puddle and smell like fresh wet dog while you get soaked and wait for me to finally potty!

Now you see it, now you don’t!

Humans makin’ a fool outta me on the internet, part three ≖︿≖ 
[part 1][part 2]

Waiting for the human :(

"Hello, human! You rang?"

"Hey Vegas!"
"Do you want…"

"I don’t… I don’t think I like Halloween."

The ever-so-fluffy Vegas, stretching out his legs; possibly attempting to make them longer. As a result, body has also become even longer.


Guess who got busted? Butthead corgi finally surrendering the missing socks.