Vegas is a tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi born on May 18th, 2013. Follow little Vegas Pegas (aka V.P., Pegasus, Vegasaurus Rex, etc.) as he hops through life events and adventures!

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Vegas the Corgi

Where are all the apples???

Rule #231 of being a furparent: You cannot, CANNOT move if a furbaby is on you. You must wait until they move off on their own. It’s the rule. Hungry? No. Gotta pee? No. No moving until they move.

Your drumstick is showing!

Husband called Vegas a wet noodle and Vegas heard his name and ‘noodle’ in the same sentence so he naturally got up, but quickly realized that there were no noodles for him.

Quite the sleeping beauty.

Vegas was startled at the bubble wrap, ended up stepping on a bubble, and then started trying to pop them on his own!

He ran away with a sock in his mouth and swiftly jumped onto the bed with it. Not even guilty.

Time to break out the hoodie!

Puppy days: Burrito Vegas breaking free and not amused.

Vegas looks like a cute elf puppy. Like he's the cutest little thing I've ever seeen.


Aww, thank you! :) Vegas also appreciates your kind words and has allowed me to give you an autographed glamour shot. Enjoy!

"You’re going there?"
"Okie, I follow then."

Everywhere I go, Vegas follows! :)

Peekaboo! Hi, hooman, hiiiii.

Was Vegas easy to train? I never had a dog before. I lived with them but I was never in charge of the training. I would really like a corgi but I fear I wont be a good dog owner.


Personally speaking, I felt that he was easier to train than I thought it would be, especially since we had absolutely no experience with raising a puppy and did not take Vegas to puppy classes. But, it certainly wasn’t a breeze at all! It really just takes a lot of patience and consistency, mixed with tons of research and looking up different methods of training that you may think will work for your pup. 
Although every dog is different, Vegas is very eager to please and extremely food motivated, so we used treats as our main training method. When he would relapse on his training, we would have to take a few steps back and just redo, so again, lotssss of patience. I think the most strenuous part of training a puppy would probably be potty training, but this is how we did it, if you or anyone else may be looking into being a first time pup parent.
If you are concerned that you may not be able to properly train your maybe future corgi, there are puppy classes that you can look into that will help you not only teach you tips and pointers on how to and help train, but also socialize your puppy among other dogs. 

Also, it’s totally fine to be worried that you won’t be a good dog owner, I was certainly worried the few days before his gotcha day. No one’s really ever prepared on being a first time parent and going through all the milestones for the very first time. Just put your best foot forward! Have plans, have funds, and have fun! Research the breed, vets, emergency vets, classes, training tips, dog product reviews, etc.
Hopefully, this gives you a little insight and if you do choose to get a corgi of your own, congrats and know that you have a community on here to help you out! :)

I get to wake up to this face every day.

What’s he doing? I don’t know.